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No. Nononononono. This isn't real. "Shut up," you said, breaking out into a cold sweat. Standing mere meters away from Eren, Reiner, and Bertholdt, you heard their entire conversation. They wanted Eren to run away with them. Not exactly uncommon, considering the state of the world at the moment. It was their reason for asking that chilled you to the bone. Reiner had just proclaimed himself to be the Armored Titan, and revealed Bertholdt, sweet, shy Bertholdt, to be the Colossal Titan.

Stepping towards them hesitantly on the top of wall rose, hands shaking and lips tight, you stared at Bertholdt with wide, (e/c) eyes. He was your friend, no matter how odd and quiet he was. But he was more than that to you. Unspoken words had lingered in the air about you two, as clear as day, yet never expressed. Was everything a lie? Did you fall in love with a master manipulator who only pretended to care? Looking away, feeling somewhat ashamed, you thought of your own dark secret, one as recent as Eren's own titan-shifting ability. Who were you to judge?

Reiner turned towards you and grimaced. "You've got the worst timing, little bird."

"Don't call her that," Eren said, sounding dead. His face, however, was twisted with rage. "How dare you address any of us, after all you've done, after all the deaths you've caused!" he continued, his voice rising steadily. "Was this all a game to you both? Was the comradeship, the friendship, the trust, was it all a lie?"

Bertholdt stepped between the two of them, but his attention was directed towards Reiner. "Do you really want to do this, right here, right now?"

"He's right," Eren said suddenly, calm again. "It could be that you've just got a shitty sense of humor."

The words cut like a knife, reminding you vividly of Annie's betrayal, of her status s the terrifying, murderous Female Titan. No matter how distant she was, she was still your friend, just like Reiner and Bertholdt. In a way, it wasn't surprising that they'd be titan shifters, too. The two of them and Annie were all from the same village, after all.

"There's no turning back now," Reiner said gruffly, holding up his broken right arm, and he startled us all when steam began to rise from the injury from beneath the slowly unwinding scraps of bandages. "No mater how hard we tried, we were what we always were: not soldiers, but warriors."

Unable to bear the tension any longer, you threw yourself at Bertholdt, hot tears rolling from your eyes, no matter how hard you tried to fight them. "No, please...pleas tell me it's not..." you begged, even though the truth was right there in front of you. But only when Bertholdt's face contorted with a mixture of pain and sorrow did it truly strike home.

In the blink of an eye, silver flashed through the air, slicing off Reiner's arm. He roared in surprise and pain, staring at the wielder of the blade. Mikasa glared back in response, her features unnaturally expressive, rage clear in her eyes.

"We need to kill them now, before they transform," she growled, looking from Eren to me. "______! Don't just stand there!"

You looked up at Bertholdt, still clinging helplessly to his arm. Kill Bertholdt? No, not possible. Even if you wanted to at first, the disturbed, hunted look on his face would have caused you to have second thoughts, and the sorrow in his eyes would've ended the deliberation altogether.

Mikasa hissed, and jumped forward towards Reiner, as he was closest to her. Reiner managed to spin out of her way and tripped up her feet, causing her to lose balance momentarily. "If you won't come with us, Eren, we'll have to take with us by force," Reiner said quickly, eyes on Mikasa, "We may not know who the second Female -type Titan is, but we know about YOU, Eren. I really wished you would've just understood." He suddenly jumped off of the wall, and taking his place was the infamous Armored Titan you had seen with your own eyes five years previously at Shinganshina.

A small gasp escaped your throat. It was true. It was really true. You felt Bert's large hand clasp around yours and squeeze tightly. What were you supposed to do? Push him away? Fight against him? But none of those thoughts seemed even remotely worth entertaining, much less executable. While you were an excellent soldier, you were no match for the killing machines that these boys were. But that's just it. They were people too, not just titans. There had to be a reason behind what they were doing, right?

Eren had thrown himself over the wall and transformed midair into his own 15-meter class titan, dubbed the "Rogue Titan." He violently clashed with Reiner, or the Armored Titan, whatever he was, though he was hopelessly outmatched. While Eren was the better fighter, the Armored Titan had, well, armor, and it was nigh impenetrable.

Mikasa was once again on her feet and in the air. Together, she and Eren's titan managed to confound the Armored Titan, and Eren was moving in for the killing blow. Maybe Eren wasn't so disadvantaged after all. But you couldn't decide what it who it was you wanted to survive anymore. Lines were blurred, and there was nothing there to help you choose.

Your hand was released from Bertholdt's sweaty palm as he, without a backwards glance, joined the two brawling titans across the wall, transforming into the iconic Colossal Titan before your very eyes. All of the exhausted onlookers from the previous mission, which had involved titans within the walls and were walking around at night with no explainable reason why. during that mission, it had only just been discover that Ymir herself was also another titan-shifter. Was everyone revealing their secrets?

Watching in horror as the man you loved so deeply-the Colossal Titan- picked up and devoured one of the soldiers, along with Ymir's limp, exhausted body. With a violent gust of titan-steam, those still remaining on the walls were thrown back and tossed on their backs by the Colossal Titan, including you. Thrown back just before the edge, your head smashed against the ground. Your vision swam before fading black, allowing you one last look at the grand mess before you.

Why? you wondered, consciousness fading. Why didn't he tell me? I would've understood...

Jerking awake at a touch on your shoulder, you awoke from dreams of pitch. "Good, you're alive, the corporal said, kneeling beside you in civilian clothes, his weight focused on one hand and knee, while the other hand rested on your shoulder.

"What just happened, sir?" you asked, unable to comprehend what it was that transpired.

"You say everything," he said curtly. "You don't need to ask me. I however, have a favor to ask of YOU." Giving your superior an odd look, you nodded. There was a certain amount of trust between the two of you, given he was humanity's hope and also given you had volunteered to be his personal body guard from the time he injured his ankle to the time he was fully recovered. "The two titan-shifters among your class managed to escape, with both Eren and Ymir in tow. A group is about to be launched after them. Given my...current condition, I am unable to accompany them. However," he added, "I have already put your name forth as my replacement. I have seen your skills personally, and accompanied by your ability, I can think of no other better suited to go." He grabbed you by the shoulder, bringing you nose to nose with him. "I understand there's some sort of relationship between you and the tall one. I'm sure you'll use that as reason to do your best and bring them all back here alive, if possible. Just know that if that isn't an option, you know what needs to be done." His steely eyes seemed to bore into your very soul.

Nodding your head fearfully, hoping that he couldn't see the reason for your trepidation plain in your eyes, he pulled away from you, and offered you a hand up. "How long was I out?" you asked, unsure of the time that had passed, but you guessed it must've been hours, as the sky was now bright and the sun was shining, unlike this morning at dawn, when your world was turned upside down.

The two of you approached the main group of recuperating Survey Corps soldiers on the wall.  You were transported down the inside of the wall and were told to refill your gas tanks and retrieve your horse, ad report immediately back to the wall.

Once you were finished, you hurried to the gate at the end of the district, and rode directly up to Commander Erwin. "The corporal told me I was taking his place in the rescue squad. Is that right, sir?"The large, blonde man nodded. "Where would you like me to station myself?"

"You're taking Levi's position, so you'll have his station next to me." He smiled kindly at you when you're face drained of color and you became entirely still. "It's not so bad, cadet. Leading positions are an experience that takes getting used to."

"But-but why me?" you breathed, heart beating a mile a minute. "I just graduated from the academy. I don't have any experience as a leader. Hell, sir, we're about to go after people I've been friends with for years. I don't know if I'm emotionally compromised or not."

He patted my shoulder gently. "You may be right about a few, if not all of those things, cadet. But you have Levi's trust and respect. Not many people can claim such a thing about themselves. Reports from the Garrison say you were critical in the defense of Trost. Your titan kills were in the double digits for both assists and solo kills. I myself watched you perform at the forest of tall trees, expertly killing titans and leading several groups of soldiers in their annihilation, allowing a safe escape for the better part of the Corps. You may not believe in yourself, but I believe in you to make the right decision when the time comes."

You merely nodded, astonished at the level of respect given to you from the commander. Falling into line behind and to the right of the commander, you unintentionally held your breath. The right choice, huh? If it meant the survival of humanity, were you supposed to kill your friends? Did you have to kill the man you loved? Despite the fact he had kept his identity a secret from you, from everyone for years, you couldn't bring yourself to hate him, or even want to capture him. You didn't know WHAT you wanted.

A crowd of civilians was gathered along the streets, outside of the procession of soldiers to see the Corps off, or so you thought. Their mutters, all voiced differently, all said the same things: why are they going back out there already? Haven't they had enough defeats, yet? Were they going to all die and waste even more taxpayer dollars? Can't they just stay in the walls like sane people?

Formation was called, and Commander Erwin commanded that the gates be opened for the retrieval expedition. Within minutes, the 58th expedition beyond the walls was under way, and you were at its head, still unsure as to what you were going to do once you found your friends. Was humanity really worth the lived of Reiner and Bertholdt? Were those pompous fools, ignorant of the crisis at hand and unknowing of the true terror that lie just beyond the walls, deserving of such a sacrifice? You were unwilling to know.

But one thing was for certain: you had to find out why Bertholdt and Reiner, and possibly Annie, had wanted to destroy the walls and take Eren hostage. Weren't they humans too, if only partly? Where did the truly come from? What was their purpose for infiltrating the wall? Why did Bertholdt feel the need to break your heart?

The Survey corps squad were fast-approaching a copse of trees in the direction Reiner and Bertholdt had been seen fleeing. It was much smaller than the forest from the last expedition, but was no doubt just as good of a hiding place. Riding closer and closer, you all were suddenly greeted by a swarm of titans. A man to the Commander's side was told to break off and lead the horses away. Being on the same side, you were directed to take to the trees.

Instantly complying with the order, you launched yourself off of your horse effortlessly, followed closely by Mikasa, Armin, Jean, and Connie, and a little farther off by Krista, or Historia, whomever she was. As if out of nowhere, a titan appeared  on one of the trees, just hanging there by massive, claw-like nails. It was small and ugly, not unlike the average titan.

"It's Ymir's titan!" Connie exclaimed, rushing towards the titan. It made no move to snap at him.

"Get back here, Connie!" you yelled, still fearing for his safety as he lighted atop her head. You ordered the rest of the group to land around her. She obviously was not looking to attack and eat you all.

"Ymir!" he yelled, not heading your words. "Did you run away from Reiner and Bertholdt? Where's Eren? What's going on?"

Armin, hanging next to you, muttered, "Why is she looking at each of us like that?"

Indeed, why? The titan's head twisted, staring at each soldier, as if searching for someone. A pit formed in your stomach. "She's looking for someone," you realized, saying that just as soon as the thought cam to your mind. "Krista-"

"Hey, Ymir!" Krista shouted, flying towards the titan from the side, having apparently heard Connie's calls for Ymir. "Are you alright- huh?"

Her voice faltered as Ymir suddenly leaped towards her, engulfing Krista in her mouth. The small titan turned around unbelievably fast, shooting off into the woods.

"After her!" you shouted, the first to recover from the initial shock. Ymir ate...Krista? What was going on? Shooting off, you, followed by the rest of your squad, emerged from the forest, only to see Reiner, now transformed into the Armored Titan, bulldozing his way through some smaller titans, running for his life. The lives of the passengers riding on his back were also hanging in the balance. Ymir's titan, along with Bertholdt and Eren, who was strapped to Bert's back, were holding on for dear life as the Armored Titan ran away. Away from you.

Seeing the pack of horses led by a soldier appeared to the side. Not waiting another moment, you hurled yourself to the side and mounted the horse in the lead, not caring whether or not it was yours. Spurring it to go faster, you pulled away from the rest of them, and you quickly made progress towards the slow-moving titan. Shooting off your wires into the closest patch of unarmored skin, which happened to be the backs of the knees, you quickly made your way to the Armored titan. You watched as he covered Bertholdt and Eren with his hand and pulled them over to the nape of his neck, effectively protecting both.

Since Bertholdt was now out of reach, there was only one person for you to talk to, and right now, he was a giant titan. Using your deft skill, you shot your wires into each small patch of unarmored titan skin, all in nonfatal spots. Eventually, you found your way to his massive, ugly armored face. A sudden rage boiled in your stomach. "You bastard!" You yelled, punching his armored nose repeatedly. "Why didn't you tell me who you were? Dammit!   What did you think I would do, tell everyone? No! I would've tried to understand! If you'd have just told me why you two did what you did, I seriously would've tried to understand! I might have even agreed with you!" You stopped hitting him, your hands raw and your anger subsiding. "Just-just let me talk to Bert."

The titan snorted, and you took this as consent. Clambering precariously down his rough cheeks and onto his neck, you watched as the Armored Titan opened his fingers a crack, enough for you to poke your head in.

"Bert?" you called hesitantly, looking in through the gap.

"______?" you heard him respond incredulously. Though you were unable to see him, you did hear him move slightly.

"What the hell, Bert?" you yelled, your rage refueled. "I thought we were close, man! Yet you didn't deem me worthy enough to tell me about your secret! Do you even really care about me?"

You heard a sharp intake of breath. "I-"

"Shut the hell up!" you yelled. "I'm not finished with you yet. I trusted you! I considered you to be one of my closest friends, maybe even more than that...but it's apparent you didn't trust me in the same way! All that time we spent talking, getting to know each other, what point did that serve? What did you gain from leading me on?"

"I wasn't leading you on!" he shouted back, startling you. "I wasn't, honest! I like you! I like you a lot! I didn't mean to, but I fell in love with you anyway! There was no plan involving you. It just sort of...happened." You were speechless,  continuing to listen to his heartfelt confession. "I didn't mean to hurt you. But...I am what am, and you are you. We're from different worlds, ______. This is all my fault. You need to forget about me, and whatever it was we had." Tears were once again falling from your eyes as his voice choked. "Just know that I wasn't lying when I said this: I love you."

"Bert...there's something I need to tell you, too," you began, but before you could say anything else, you heard a loud groan. Eren.

"What the hell?" you heard him say. "______? Help me! Get me off of him!"

You were suddenly flicked away by one of Reiner's fingers. As you were sent flying away, you saw Mikasa flying up behind Reiner, narrowly missing an entrance for her blades in the gap between his titan fingers. She twisted around midair, coming around for a second strike. However, Ymir slapped her out of the way, ruining Mikasa's strike.

Realizing that you were still endangered, you shot your wires into a nearby tree, halting your fall violently. With a groan of pain, you turned back to the Armored Titan, who was now surrounded by the members of your squad. Close enough to hear their yelling, you realized they were asking the same things as you. However, Bertholdt's responses were lost to you.

But your attention was soon drawn to the massive horde of titans that were following a small group of human soldiers, riding in front of the Armored titan and quickly approaching. The rest of your friends quickly dismounted the Armored Titan and landed on their horses, riding back in the direction from which they had come. The onslaught of people-eating titans converged on the armored titan. You watched in horror as the titans crawled all over Reiner's titan, grabbing at him and his passengers not under his hand.

Becoming swamped in flailing titan bodies, the Armored Titan moved the two human boys to beneath his neck, freeing his arms and allowing him to toss away some of the titans. Bu t they were the least of his problems. Once again, your squad approached the titan in a suicide maneuver. Leading the squad was Mikasa, though in her haste, she was seized by a titan. Thankfully, Jean had her back, cutting her free. You watched as Armin latched onto the Armored Titan's cheek, and began speaking to Bertholdt. Bertholdt's response was loud enough for even you to hear as he said, "You sons of bitches! I'll kill all of you before that happens!"

At that moment, a one-armed man flew up in front of Bertholdt as Bert jumped out of his hiding place under the Armored Titan's chin, and the man cut the straps on Bertholdt's chest, causing Eren to fall away. Mikasa caught him and mounted her horse in one swift movement. The rest of the soldiers fell away and mounted their own horses.

"Retreat!" the commander yelled. I realized with shock that the commander was the one-armed man; he had lost his arm in the midst of combat. The soldiers began to gallop on their horses back they way they had come. They were leaving without YOU.

Fear rising along with bile in your throat, your body jerked into motion, shooting yourself towards the forest in an effort to intercept the soldiers. There was no way you were being left out here on your own. A titan suddenly flew past you, barely missing you by mere centimeters.

"Shit!" on of the soldiers yelled. "The Armored Titan is throwing titans at us!" Indeed he was, in a last-ditch effort to trip up the soldiers.

"HISTORIA!!" you heard Ymir yell fearfully. Her titan smashed the groping titan away from the small blonde sitting on her head. Reiner's titan was doing his best to keep the titans away from him, but there were simply too many of them. Bertholdt was holding on for dear life, his long legs dangling in the air beneath him.

Averting your head, you watched as a group of titan descended upon Armin, holding the limp body of Jean in his arms. Turning away from that scene, you watched as the Armored Titan flung another smaller titan, this time connecting with Mikasa and Eren's horse, sending the two flying. A 15 meter class titan, smiling wickedly, was fast approaching them. You cried, burying your head in your hands as you watched your friends about to die as you couldn't do absolutely anything.

Or could you? Pulling your hands away from your tear-stained cheeks, it was frightfully simple what your course of action should be. Even though it meant probably death to you, either by the hands of titans or by humans subsequent your survival of this mission. But that was debatable, hinging upon the fact of whether or not anybody realized it was you.

Throwing yourself off of your tree limb, you shifted into your titan-form, fully committing yourself to the cause of saving your friends. Your height multiplied, leaving you standing at a fearsome 16 meters tall. (h/c) locks streamed behind you as you rushed towards the commander, who was closest to you.

While Bertholdt's titan was colossal, Reiner's was completely armored, Eren's was bat-shit crazy and ever-enduring, and Annie's had agility, your titan had sheer power. Your titan was built for assault, with minimal armoring on the torso and head, and heavy armoring on your hands, forearms, feet, and legs to prevent the destruction of your limbs as you murdered titans.

You rapidly disposed of the titans surrounding your commander, taking a brief moment to take in his look of amazement as you saved him. Next was Armin and Jean. Snapping up the 4 meter class directly in front of them into your mouth, you tore out its neck, instantly killing it. A few more kicks and punches, and Armin and jean were in the clear. Grabbing a nearby horse, you plopped it in front of Armin without letting it go, and you delicately placed the two boys on the horse, then tapped it on its flank to make it run away.

Now, for the most important part...wait. Suddenly, all of the titans were converging on the Armored Titan. ALL of them. You watched the remainder of the survey corps ride away, and stood momentarily indecisive. You could run all the way back with the Corps, and have to explain yourself to them later, while also leaving Bertholdt to die. Or, you could abandon humanity and save the man you loved, even if it meant betraying the trust of your superiors.

One would think a decision like that could be difficult. Love, or duty? Betray all the people who were counting on you, or betray the man who loved you? Honestly, it was an easy one to you. Sprinting over to the Armored Titan, you set to work in ripping off the largest of the titans and killing them first while they were still distracted. Ymir, who had apparently let Krista/Historia go, was killing the titans closer to her size.

While you quickly slaughtered the mindless titans, you couldn't help but be distracted by the now-small figure dangling precariously from the Armored Titan's neck hanging on by, quite literally, a thread.

Caught off guard, while Ymir finished of the remaining titans, Reiner's titan grabbed you by the shoulders and tossed you to the ground, landing on your chest. Some thank you, you thought bitterly, twisting your head and staring up into the face of one of humanity's number one enemies. For a moment, you felt like a traitor, having chosen these titan shifters over your own kind, or who used to be your own kind, anyway. That all changed about a month ago, when you were sent to the hospital for treatment of a concussion. When you returned, something had felt off, somehow. Not to mention you having crazy, repetitive dreams about a doctor with dark hair giving you a shot.

But they had to have a reason for what they were doing, right?

"Who are you?" Bertholdt yelled. "Come out now, or we'll be forced to do so violently!" The Armored Titan hissed in agreement.

Pulling yourself out of the nape of your titan's neck, you snorted and called back, "No need for angry yelling. I was going to come out anyway so I could talk to you."

The color drained from Bert's face as he recognized who you were. "_-______? What-?"

"This is what I was trying to tell you," you said loudly, finishing detaching yourself from your titan body, which began to decompose into a misty substance that dissipated fairly quickly into the air. "I guess it's my turn to apologize for not telling you sooner, I guess. But I DID only just find out about it during our first expedition."

Blinking feverishly, hoping to regain your temporarily lost sight as soon as possible, you were startled when you were tackled from behind and twisted around. "You don't need to apologize. I don't care," Bert whispered in your ear, hugging you tightly against his warm, hard body. "Now I don't have to leave you behind and wonder for the rest of my life whether or not you hated me."

You slapped him across the face as best as you could, being blind and partially bound by strong arms. "I DO hate you! Asshole! You should've told me, dammit! You had over three years to say something! But no, you wait until today to tell me you loved me, and then you tried to run away without letting me respond."

"Wait, you're more upset about me not telling you how I felt?" he asked, his voice incredulous. "More upset about that than about me being-"

"Yes," you responded, sighing. "You are still my Bert, whether or not you're a titan-shifter alongside. I accept everything that comes along with that, because everyone has baggage of some sort," you reasoned. "Besides, you DO have a reason for what you've done, right?"

His chin laid upon your head, and his hands began to shake slightly upon your back. "We've got a reason. A big one. But that doesn't justify what we've done. Just because we've caused a lot of death doesn't mean that we have to like it."

"Good," you replied, snuggling into his chest, feeling a heavy weight drop off of your shoulders. He sounded like a lost child, not a mass murderer. You felt yourself being lifted into the air. "That's all I wanted to hear."


You awoke, feeling a violently shaking body writhe next to you. "Bert? Are you alright?" you asked sleepily, twisting around and wrapping and arm about his waist. Using this leverage, you gently shook him awake. His breathing caught, and now it was calmer, more like panting instead of a heart attack. "Bert?"

"I-I'm fine," he whispered into your ear, having turned around to face you. His arms looped around you, snuggling you into his slightly wet chest. Bertholdt buried his face into your hair. "Sorry to wake you. I'm okay now. Go back to sleep, ______."

Not willing to let the matter go, you said, "Tell me what you were dreaming about." You began rubbing his back comfortingly, hoping to make him feel better. After today, you all needed a good night's rest.

"I-it was nothing, really," he lied, shifting his body so that as much of him was touching you as possible. Not that you were complaining. It was cold on top of wall Rose, and Bertholdt was unbelievably warm and comfortable. Who needed pillows and blankets when there was a wonderfully perfect man lying next to you?

Pulling you head back, you looked him in his bright green eyes, which shone brightly in the light of the full moon and flickering stars. Unable to control your elation at simply being there with him, you pressed you lips against his, tasting salt. But that's alright, because that was Bert for you. It took him a moment to respond, as he was genuinely surprised, but he pressed back gently. You moved you hands to his shoulders, grabbing onto him and using that leverage to pull yourself deeper into the kiss. Bert gasped at your sudden forwardness.

Well, not surprising, really. Only this afternoon had you two expressed your confessions of love to each other. Not to mention Bert was an indecisive man. If this relationship was going to go anywhere, it was going to be because of you.

You vaguely heard a moan from your right. "Bert, ______, keep it down. Some of us are trying to sleep, you know," Ymir growled. "If you two wanna do it so badly, go find another section of wall to desecrate."

Pulling away from Bert, you snorted with laughter. Laying against his chest again, you could just imagine Bert's face awash with red from embarrassment. Waiting a few minutes to speak again, you whispered, when Ymir's breathing was and regular again, "What was it you were having nightmares about, Bert?"

His long fingers began to entwine with locks of your hair, and he slowly combed through. "It-it was about something Armin said," he whispered back. "He told me that you were going to be imprisoned and tortured because I had liked you, because they thought you might have known something."

"So, you were imagining what they were going to do to me?" you finished. You felt his head nod above yours. "I wouldn't worry about that load of shit. I was too good of a soldier for them to dismiss me like that. Besides, Even if they DID lock me up, I'd have busted out with my titan's strength, and I would have come to find you. So go to sleep, and dream happy things instead."

"...Why would I want to sleep?" he murmured tiredly, yawning mid-sentence. "Life is finally better than anything I could dream up."

"Then dream about what we'll do once this war is over," you yawned, feeling sleepy, too. "Where we'll live, the kind of house we'll have, the kids..."


"Yeah, I want kids," you said, cuddling close to his warm chest. "Eventually. Nothing soon."

Bert was silent for a moment. "Do you really think we'll live that long?"

"I don't see why not," you said optimistically. "I mean, what's the point of doing all of this if we don't end up surviving? You've got to have a little faith, Bert, in yourself, in me, in everything. It makes life a lot easier to bear. Now, sleep."

"...I love you, ______. In fact, I think I'm in love," Bert said quietly.

"Who's thinking about it? I know I am!" you giggled. "I love you, too, Bert. Good night."

"Good night. Sleep tight." With that, Bert remained quiet and cuddled you close to his warm body, truly giving you a sense of what it felt like to be loved.

We didn't really have anything to our names but the clothes on our backs. We didn't have a roof over our head, or beds to sleep in. We were enemies of mankind, but none of that mattered right now. I had Bert, and Bert had me. I think that's all a person could ever really want from life.
I got the urge to write a reader insert, so here it is! It''s my first, so don't be too hatefull! XD The characters belong to Hajime isayama, except for you, who belongs to Bert. :3 The image belongs to the rightful owner!

BTW, this follows the chapters in the the late forties and early fifties of SNK!
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U fcking srs? Fcking staba bitch! Bert you Mofo I'll slap you, kick you, then fcking yell at him for being 'a fake motherfcking bastard'. Lies. I hate lies. I knew there was something suspicious about the giant...
Fluffysunbunny1 Featured By Owner Jun 6, 2015  Student Artist
This is awesome!!! ^^
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This is amazing! I love it! 
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I wouldve saved Bert and Reiner but I would've go back to humanity too....
nataliamoonlight Featured By Owner Nov 23, 2015
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knew it! I knew they were titan-shifters! And this is amazing!
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I loled... Eren's was bat-shit crazy... *bursts into insane laughter...! *
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Cute <3
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Beautiful....I...I don't know words to explain my amazingly adorable feels for this.
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you have nooooo idea how lost I was no matter how many times I read attack on titan the whole Christa/ Historia thing confuses me and what ever her relationship with Ymir is... it confuses me to nnooooooo end. lol but I loved the story Adorable Girl Anime Emoji (Kawaii Wink) [V6] 
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For some reason when I turned into a titian I imageined I was a wolf in titian form...
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This is so adorable! I love it!!!
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Wow amazing
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Awwww. I still love him even though he betrayed humanity....

Thank you Writer-san :iconmnrthumbsupplz: Nommy smile 
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You should do what happens when you run WITH the corps and back to the wall hehe
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This was so unbelievably fantastic! i ca't even think straight! Ohmyglob  
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Dawww. REALLY CUTE :3 amazing story :D
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Bert is very cute, so i decided he needed a cute story! :3

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I love itit
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thanks! :D
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oh myyyyy fuck
this is one heck of a good fanfic
Favourite moment where Bertl gets slapped :u
Reader-chan seems so rachet at taht moment <;
theelysianproject Featured By Owner Mar 1, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
thanks! im glad you like it! :)
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