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Uta no HIME: Uta no Prince sama x reader-Chapter 1
While I knew Saotome Academy was owned and run by a record breaking idol, I didn’t expect said idol to be jumping around from roof top to roof top like an action movie star and flying across the courtyard on wires during orientation while fireworks and other assorted lights were flashing from every direction and his voice was booming from seemingly every speaker in the school.
“What the hell have I gotten myself into?” I mused aloud.
“Saotome Academy, of course! Only the most eccentric of all the performing arts aim to go here, didn’t you know??” the girl with big, fluffy red hair beside me said with a goofy grin. Then her face turned somewhat serious. “But I didn’t expect the headmaster to put on quite that, um, exciting a performance for orientation.”
“Neither did I,” I agreed. “In fact, I never thought I’d see anything like a chubby, middle aged man flying around on wires in person at school, but hey,
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Uta no HIME: UtaPri x Reader-Prolgue
“What do you mean, I can’t go in?”
“Nobody is allowed into the testing area past the designated time,” the security guard replied curtly, while his coworker glared at me coldly. “I’m only a few minutes late!” I pleaded, attempting to press forward, but was roughly pushed back by the man who had spoken to me. “Please make an exception for me. I doubt the others have even sat down yet, let alone actually began taking the entrance exam!” “No exceptions,” the surly guard said, expression hard and unrelenting.
It felt as if my life was flashing in front of my eyes. I had spent most of my life unsure of what I was going to make of myself. My family wasn’t around very much, and I ended up spending much of my childhood with my grandmother who lived in the countryside. In terms of goals, I never really had any and I wasn’t forced to do anything I truly didn’t want to by her. So, when the time came that I h
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Random Ciel Picture from PCC 2013 by theelysianproject Random Ciel Picture from PCC 2013 :icontheelysianproject:theelysianproject 4 0 Erza Wig Costest!! by theelysianproject Erza Wig Costest!! :icontheelysianproject:theelysianproject 2 0 Sailor Moon WIP by theelysianproject Sailor Moon WIP :icontheelysianproject:theelysianproject 6 0 Front Sailor Moon Bow!!! by theelysianproject Front Sailor Moon Bow!!! :icontheelysianproject:theelysianproject 5 0 Sailor Moon Bows! by theelysianproject Sailor Moon Bows! :icontheelysianproject:theelysianproject 4 0
Fairy Tail x Reader BIO
Dear diary,
I'm not usually one for writing, because becoming an author is Lucy's dream, not mine. But what I'm about to write isn't fiction. I've been putting this off for years, hoping it would all vanish with time. If I put it onto paper, then it would become real, it would become fact. I've been running for a long time, but now, I think I'm ready to accept my past. Joining Fairy Tail has changed me, much more than I could have ever guessed a guild could. Not surprising, considering Fairy Tail is quite unique with all due respect to it's less-than sane members. I don't feel like I have to hide anymore. Nor do I feel quite so lost. And, most importantly, I don't feel alone anymore. I used to think the world was small, filled with a bunch of the same faces that all wanted the same thing: to use others for their own gain. Now I realize that there are still a lot of people like that, but there are also people that have names full of meaning to me, and make my world that much larger and
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Epiphany Levi x Reader Chapter 7
A large, warm hand encompassed your forehead. "Are you feeling alright?" Erwin asked, leading you down a quiet corridor. After all, your group had arrived at the compound in the middle of the night so nobody would notice, so the silence was expected. 
However, Erwin's sudden concern wasn't something you were used to. "I'm fine!" you said, a little louder than you meant to, and you pushed his hand away, feeling that he was treating you like a small child.
"_____, I'm just worried," he said, voice sounding strange. "Just a week ago, you were comatose and bed ridden due to a severe concussion. When you finally awoke, you were unable to handle light stressors without wracking headaches and passing out. It has only been a week since then. You are in no way completely healed, and you've been doing a lot of traveling on horseback, and you've been undoubtedly doing a lot of work with Corporal Levi. I want to make sure that you are alright, and that you aren't pushing yourself
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~Epiphany~ Levi x Reader Chapter 6
You twisted around in bed, grunting in sleepy frustration when something prevented you from rolling over completely, leaving you feeling uncomfortable. Then you arm moved on its own, reaching out in an awkward position, irritating you further. You pried your heavy eyes open, feeling reluctant to wake up, for good sleep came seldom, and you were almost willing to leave yourself in that cramped position. Almost.
Blinking several times, you found yourself staring at a wall, coated in shades of orange from the slowly-setting sun, still a couple hours away from setting. Pretty, you thought to yourself, still out of it and yawning. A slight grunt from beneath you brought the memories back suddenly. Leaving the old HQ this morning, talking with Levi, coming to the Trost HQ, sharing a bed with Levi... You immediately rolled onto your back and off of him, trying not to disturb him anymore while moving as quickly as possible. Staring at his figure intently, he made another small noise of
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~Returning Soldier~ Levi x Reader Chapter 1
"Oh, come on, Levi, stop being so stiff," the commander said, clapping his shorter, more sour comrade on the back. "It's been an entire month since we've last been inside the walls. It's been a long time since we've been back. I think cutting loose for one night would do much in helping us all unwind."
"It's a bar, it's dirty in there, so I'm not going inside," Levi said with finality. "I've had enough of disgusting, drunken civilians to last me several lifetimes."
Mike Zacharius lifted his nose into the air, inhaling deeply. "It doesn't smell so horrible as others," he said decidedly. "Probably cleaner than a lot of places."
"There you have it," Commander Erwin said decidedly. "You need to relax. Come on. One drink or two won't hurt." His bright blue eyes bored into the corporal, who paid his commander no heed. "Do you really have anything else to do tonight?"
"In fact, I do," Levi said, finding his chance to escape. "I have some business I put off before
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~Epiphany~ Levi x Reader Chapter 5
After spending about a week in hiding, you and the rest of Squad Levi were almost on your way to the current HQ housing the main forces of the Survey Corps, near the Karanese District on the eastern side of Wall Rose. That being said, it was going to be very difficult to keep Eren's arrival a secret, so the squad was told to leave at dusk, and ride through the night in order to arrive at the Karanese Outpost at least two hours before dawn. Not something you were really against, considering that, after the first night at the abandoned castle, you hadn't gotten a good night's sleep. 
That didn't make any sense to you. The first two nights after you were fully awake and about, after the trial and your addition to Squad Levi, you slept peacefully. But the nights after that were a complete wreck. The room you slept in was too isolated from every one else, and coupled with it's similar structure to your room in the house you stayed with your mother in, you were put in a very bad po
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SNK Mistakes #1 by theelysianproject SNK Mistakes #1 :icontheelysianproject:theelysianproject 56 22
~Epiphany~ Levi x Reader Chapter 4
"Oi, _____, where are you?"
"...Down here." You were huddled in front of the fire, watching the flames flicker and dance as you warmed and relaxed your achy, chilled hands.
"Are you cold?" Eren asked.
You grinned. "I'm only sitting in front of the fire with both my jacket and my cloak on. What does it look like to you?"
"You're so harsh," he snorted, not phased.
"Don't blame me. You're the one asking the dumb questions."
"Well, I have the right to be tired I had to redo ALL of my rooms and you didn't," he excused, setting both of his elbows on the table, holding his head up with his hands. "I heard you got done super early."
"If you did your work right in the first place, you wouldn't have to do it all over again," you retorted, enjoying the battle of wits.
"She didn't get off early, brat," you heard Levi respond. "She went and cleaned up the basement where you'll be staying on her own initiative just so you'd be comfortable down there at night. You should be thanking her."
"Looks like
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~Epiphany~ Levi x Reader Chapter 3
"So, _____, how many titans did YOU kill?"
Shrugging, you replied to the blonde Erd, "I'm not sure. I wasn't really counting. There were too many of them bastards to kill to have time for that!"
"Huh. Explains why Commander Erwin was so interested in you, then," Auruo responded. "Can you at least hazard a guess?"
Petra shot daggers at Auruo with her heated glare. Their relationship was very argumentative and contrary towards one another, but it was obvious they were close. "Do you know how traumatizing it is to have her relive that horror?"
You rode along on your horse contemplatively. The sun was now high in the sky, and the elite team of Survey Corps members rode idly through a thick forest, keeping out of sight and as far away from the main paths as possible. This made the journey to the abandoned Scouting Legion HQ the corporal informed you of a much straighter path, but any time saved in the process was lost to the slower movement through the underbrush.
"Let's see, not counting t
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~Epiphany~ Levi x Reader Chapter 2
Something warm took hold of your hands, comforting you in your troubled sleep. Grasping whatever it was touching you, you pulled yourself closer to the warmth. Funny, it felt sort of like someone's hands...
Your eyes suddenly opening wide, you found yourself cuddling the hands of whoever it was sitting next to your bed. Eyes tracing up the arms you had stolen, you found yourself staring into stormy eyes, gracing you with a faint trace of concern.
"Corporal Levi!" you exclaimed, jerking away. What a wonderful reason to have to explain to your superior that you cuddled things in your sleep.
Disoriented, you gazed about the small hospital room you were in. How did I get here? you thought vaguely. Then the memories of the trial and the conversation afterwards came rushing back to you. With a groan, you laid back on the flat pillow and covered your face with your hands.
"How long was I out this time?" you asked, almost afraid to know.
"About half a day," he responded curtly, crossing his ar
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:iconzetanoir: is accepting some requests for the next few days until she decides to close them! XD She's going to hopefully have them done by the 15th (which is my Birthday, so that would be an AWESOME present. XD But hey! Whatever goes)!

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